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Publify Press has changed the publishing game.  We allow our authors to keep 100% of the rights to their books. We allow our authors to keep 100% of their royalties. We’ve cracked the code so that every one of our authors can become legitimate best sellers.

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Tom Dean

Tom Dean

The world of publishing is ever-evolving – and entrepreneurial authors are leaving the traditional method of publishing and embracing what Tyler and Peter have to offer which is disruptive, author-centric and definitely here to stay!

Pelpina Trip

Peter has given me such great advice while publishing my book “Video Smart”. Whenever I had a question, he got back to me immediately – with the right answer and a smile. He’s given me tips I would have never thought of, and thinks during the entire process. He’s genuinely a great person to work with.

David Wimbish

Peter Lopez is the consummate professional — a man who works tirelessly to benefit his authors and writers. He knows what it takes to achieve success in the world of publishing and will help you craft your manuscript and get it into the right hands. He’s an all-around good guy and you will enjoy working with him.

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We don’t call our authors our clients; we call them our partners.

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