About us

My name is Peter Lopez, Jr. I’ve worked for four major publishing companies and have had the privilege of publishing more than 1000 authors. In the countless hours I’ve spent coaching, guiding, and consulting writers, I realized that although most of them met their goals and became authors, many of them don’t enjoy the advantages of authorship.

For many of them, it wasn’t their fault – they have great books that could help the masses except for the fact that – the publishing model is broken. It serves the publisher and not the author.

I founded Publify Press because far too many authors fall far too short of their goals. We allow our authors to keep 100% of the rights to their books.
We allow our authors to keep 100% of their royalties. We’ve cracked the code so that every one of our authors can become legitimate best sellers.

In short, we’ve changed the game. Not only can we guarantee all of the above, but we also offer a White Label service that can turn every author into a publisher!

We don’t just work with our authors; we partner with them.

We don’t call our authors our clients; we call them our partners.

Peter Lopez, Jr
Founder and CEO