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Maria Ayne- Critically ACCLAIMED Author of {df9dfc84359bb8d859dcb2cbcc694c920c0e3ab0d6b6c072438562a9f4c738e7}22 Survival of the fittest thoughts{df9dfc84359bb8d859dcb2cbcc694c920c0e3ab0d6b6c072438562a9f4c738e7}22

As a first time author, it was such a relief to have Peter on my team during the publishing process. Peter was as dedicated to my project as I was. He quickly addressed my concerns, gave me great feedback, advice, and was incredibly encouraging to say the least. Thank you Peter!

Pelpina Trip - CEO of Video Geek and Bestselling Author

Peter has given me such great advice while publishing my book “Video Smart”. Whenever I had a question, he got back to me immediately – with the right answer and a smile. He’s given me tips I would have never thought of, and thinks during the entire process. He’s genuinely a great person to work with. I highly recommend working with Peter!

David Wimbish - Bestselling Ghostwriter

Peter Lopez is the consummate professional — a man who works tirelessly to benefit his authors and writers. He knows what it takes to acheive success in the world of publishing and will help you craft your manuscript and get it into the right hands. Hes also an all-around good guy and you will enjoy working with him.

Herson Gonzalez - Author and Creator of AudiofyBooks

“Working with Publify Press,is one of the best things that ever happened to Audiofybooks. The synergy between the two companies are setting the world of publishing on fire!”

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